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I love her foot smell

Monday, September 21st, 2009

foot smell

You know that my biggest fetish is to smell female feet. I love the smell of stinky, female feet. The secent of girls feet and lady´s shoes are absolutly awesome! This footworship picture turns me on! I imagine that I am the lucky footslut. Her feet are wide of my nose, I take a very deep breath to catch her foot smell. I lift up my head to get closer to her feet, Know her foot smell gets more intense, my cock gets harder and harder the closer her feet moves to my nose. Her FOOT SMELL makes my nearly cum, I´m getting so hot, that I could shoot a big load of sperm immediately. Here I post some footslave training pics, have fun while jerking off to this FOOT SMELL pics ;) Do you know Mistress Minkay Foot Fetish TGP?

Boot worship and sniffing

Friday, September 18th, 2009

sniffing smelly bootsOh yes, that´s what really turns me on! A cute foot fetish girl is smelling stinky boots! I love that sniffing picture. at the moment I´m alone here and writing this boot fetish post. Mistress Minkay is not here so I can jack off. And this boot snigging pic is perfect for masturbating. When I look at this boot smelling pic, I get a hard on. I imagine I sniff Minkays boot that way and my cock is getting so hard immediately!! I love the smell of woman boots and shoes, it´s heaven to me! Sometimes, if Minkay is not at home, I sniff on of her old shoes and with the other shoe I fuck my dick! That´s cool :) But I have to take care that I don´t cum in here shoes… Do you do things like that with your wife´s shoes? Do you know Minkays footjob blog?